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Wilfried Bauer

Wilfried Bauer



* 21st September 1944 in Billigheim-Ingenheim, Germany
† 5th December 2005 in Hamburg, Germany

Wilfried Bauer came into contact with photography at an early age and adopted a very independent visual language as a self-taught young man. Between 1962 and 1968 he won the “Deutsche Jugendfotopreis” (German Youth Photography Prize) five times with his powerful images. From 1964 until 1968 he worked as the assistant to Robert Häusser in Mannheim. Like Häusser, Bauer went on to work both as an assignment photographer and a freelance photo artist. He had a lasting stylistic influence on photography in Germany.
From 1969 onwards he worked as a full-time photographer For the ZEIT-Magazin of the Hamburg-based daily newspaper. From 1976 on a freelance basis predominantly for Stern, Der Spiegel, GEO, Merian, FAZ-Magazin and ZEIT-Magazin.
He transformed journalistic reporting into an art form. Many of the great photo spreads published by these magazines carry his name. 

Reportage, portraits, landscapes and natural still lifes form the cornerstones of his life’s work. In Spring 2004, Wilfried Bauer’s last major exhibition with images of flowers took place at the Palais für aktuelle Kunst (Palais for Contemporary Art) in Glückstadt, Germany. 

Wilfried Bauer committed suicide on 5th December 2005. The fire that he started himself in his archive destroyed a large section of his work. Thousands of outstanding photographs remain intact however – prints, negatives and dia slides that are now preserved at the F.C. Gundlach Foundation in Hamburg.


Group exhibitions

Blumen - Alfred Erhard Stiftung, Cologne, Germany, 2011 

Sommerausstellung - landscapes - moments - visions - Galerie Renate Kammer, Hamburg, Germany, 2010 

Time, Death and Beauty - Moving Gallery, Omaha, USA, 2010 

Group Show - Galerie Renate Kammer, Hamburg, Germany, 2008 

Himmel und Hölle zwischen 1918 und 1989 - Kunstmuseum Solingen / Museum Baden, Solingen, Germany, 2008